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ZERYA® is a brand of private quality and voluntary compliance, created by specialists in the sector, so that any fruit and vegetable grower can develop a technical management system that allows them to produce food without pesticide residues (*) in the final product . In our current society, awareness of food safety makes us wonder about the production system applied and how it is ensured that the final product is free from pesticide residues (*). This concern is the engine that has led us to develop, through research projects, the basic regulations of ZERYA®, which sets guidelines for action through the rational use of certain authorized products at key moments and with supervision of our technical team, to ensure compliance with the objective of pesticide residue free production (*). On this website you will be able to consult all the necessary information like, applicable regulations, registers, the certification process and the use of the brand, as well as information about your file through your access code once the process has started.

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