¿Qué es ZERYA?

Zerya® is a private quality trademark that belongs to ‘Zerya Producciones sin Residuos S.L.’, and it represents the effort of many years of research dedicated to define fruit & vegetable production systems that can guarantee a residue free (*) final product.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for differentiation to companies with highly qualified technicians, through a coordinated effort and the conviction that it possible to produce safe food in a cost-effective way through a rational use of agricultural inputs and that can lead to a sustainable production system, environmentally friendly and capable of fulfilling customers’ requirements.

Zerya® is organized through crop-specific workgroups in which the leading experts, growers and production companies are represented. They carry out continuous technical improvements and develop, together with the ZERYA management team, cropping strategies and guidelines, which are later transmitted to the registered customers who wish to comply with ZERYA®’s objectives.

The management and control of the operations, resources and production, as well as the product characteristics and auditing requirements demanded to the registered producers, will be assessed by the workgroups established by the Trademark Standards, which are controlled by the Supervision Committee ensuring the proper function, transparency and independence of the Trademark. For such purposes, the Committee is in charge of the supervision of the different technical workgroups and organizes periodical meetings with representatives of the key players of the food distribution channel, from farmers and producers to end users.

Standard compliance is assured through a Certification Body that establishes an audit program to the producers and through accredited laboratories that take samples and run MRL analysis to verify the Standard fulfillment.

The use of the Trademark is granted to the certified companies and allows the differentiation of these products in the market.

Since September 2013, Zerya is member of GlobalGAP and has been part in their Sustainability Stake Holders Committee and the Commission for the Drafting of the Crops for Processing Protocol.

(*) Within the ZERYA® standard, residue free means that any active ingredient is determined under 0,01 ppm when analyzed.