Farma Kameničany won first place for the product “TOMATOES WITHOUT PESTICIDES" in the National Entrepreneurship Award for the Environment in the Slovak Republic for the year 2021 in the product category. This is the national level of the most prestigious competition in the field of innovation in environmental business – European Business Awards for the Environment, which is organized under the auspices of the European Union.

Slovakian tomato greenhouse company Farma Kameničany has implemented the ZERYA standard at the end of 2019. ZERYA is the Spanish voluntary quality standard, which declares that the harvested production does not contain any pesticide residues (more specifically maximal limit is 0,01 mg/kg). It is a demanding standard, especially in plant protection, where chemical pesticides are used only in very rare and specific cases. Farma Kameničany is regularly checked for the ZERYA standard in the form of an independent audit.

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