Jornada Transferencia Fruta de Hueso Saludable y sin Residuos

ZERYA® organized the Healthy and Pesticide Free Stonefruit Transfer Conference that took place in Fraga (Huesca) with a great success with more than 150 attendees.

The operations manager of ZERYA®, Javier Arizmendi, was one of the speakers to open the day that brought together important companies in the agri-food sector. During his presentation, Javier Arizmendi, exposed the importance of the implementation and certification of production systems without pesticide residues.

During the day they covered topics such as new market trends in terms of food security, natural treatments for crops, the use of technology to prevent and mitigate losses in crops, among others. Likewise, there was an interesting debate about fruit markets with producers and retailers.

Among the companies and institutions that participated as speakers were: SeipasaSipcamAgrostockIRTASEDQBiomipFruitnetPCTAD y Alcampo.

For further information about the Conference you can access the program here.