The company ZERYA Producciones sin Residuos S.L. participated in a seminar organised in the Chech Republique Ministery of Agriculture the 11th of February to talk about how to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly and free from pesticide residue standards. This standard has allowed producers from the Chech Republic and Eslovaquia to get a sustainable and free from pesticides certificate.

“We organised this seminar because we feel that production without pesticide residues is now emerging in Europe”, said Václav Psota, NWT’s manager. “We’d like to promote better collaboration between those groups: researchers, laboratories, growers, etc.” Farma Bezdínek company produces pesticide-free tomatoes under the ZERYA standard. Some tomatoes are sold on Tesco stores in the Czech Republic. “Let’s hope that in the future we will be able to offer, in addition to tomatoes, other products without pesticide residues," says Václav Koukolicek, Tesco’s head of external communication in the Czech Republic. Obtaining the certificate of sustainable agriculture without residues is a job for many, which requires detailed training

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